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Internet Researcher lets you navigate the Internet offline
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Are you aware that not everybody can enjoy an Internet connection? And even if you are among the few fortunate in this world that can afford round-the-clock broadband connection, you may find yourself willing sometimes to be able to organize the information you have found and make it available for instant use.
Internet Researcher is based on the idea of an offline browser, that is, it will let you navigate the Web and at the same time save all the pages you visit, so that you can re-visit them later, even if you are offline. While navigating, you may ask this software to pre-fetch links and thus guarantee you do not have to wait too long for the desired pages to show.
Now, let us suppose you find this very interesting website that you want to share with others. By providing the base URL, you can have Internet Researcher download the whole site while preserving the directory structure of the source site. What is more, Internet Researcher will also download all types of content, like flash objects or Java, something not many web spiders do.
This software organizes your favorite pages and lets you perform a full-text search for keywords. And Internet Researcher is very easy to use. Its user interface will help you do the job by just pushing a few buttons. But let me tell you that this program will not do everything for you. It will not help you decide on appropriate contents. My advice: train your critical thinking.

Pedro Castro
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  • Automates browsing tasks
  • Creates static copies of dynamic websites
  • Downloads any kind of content (Flash, Java, etc.)


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